Online Fraud: 9 days, 1400 crores and vicious Chinese mind, thousands of people got trapped in this big scam

Online Fraud: 9 days, 1400 crores and vicious Chinese mind, thousands of people got trapped in this big scam

Online Betting App Scam: By reading the heading, you must have understood that online scams have increased a lot. The thugs have become so clever that they are devising such tricks to rob people, on which it seems completely stupid to doubt in the beginning. Meanwhile, a news has come to the fore where a Chinese man along with some Gujaratis made a football betting app and looted crores of rupees by trapping 1200 people in it. Means the people of the country have also become mad to loot their own people.

The mastermind was a resident of China 

According to the Times of India report, the mastermind behind this big scam is a Chinese national named Wu Yuanbei, who is a resident of Shenzhen area. He operated the fraud from Patan and Banaskantha districts of Gujarat during his stay in India between 2020 and 2022 and duped a large number of people. 

15 to 75 year old football lover targeted 

To solve this big scam, Gujarat Police formed a SIT. In 2022  The first one related to ‘Dani Data’ app surfaced. The people of UP were also being targeted through this app. Later the inquiry was also started by Agra Police. The police told in its report that the Chinese man, along with some Gujaratis, created this app in 2022 and lured people into his trap by promising higher returns. Wu Yuanbei targeted 15- to 75-year-old football lovers and swindled Rs 200 crore per day.

Mastermind making a splash in China 

In this case, the police has also arrested 9 people from Gujarat. The arrested people told that Wu Yuanbe had created fake companies to transfer money. By the time the police filed an FIR in this case, the mastermind had left the country. Police officials say that Wu Yuanbei is still operating his network from China and is luring people into his trap.

Our advice to all of you is that stay away from such betting apps and do not get trapped in the affair of high returns. Wherever there is talk of more returns in less time, be alert immediately and take any step only after thorough investigation.  

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