Must download this app in the phone, there will be no data leak if stolen, this is how it works

Must download this app in the phone, there will be no data leak if stolen, this is how it works

These days we have many important details in the smartphone. If due to some reason it gets lost or stolen, then the person’s life comes in jeopardy. Many people steal people’s money and data by cracking the password and then blackmail them. To avoid all this, the Department of Telecommunication started the Central Equipment Identity Register platform in 2019. With the help of this app, the stolen mobile phone can be blocked and the counterfeit market can be eliminated. This app is now available for all the states and union territories of India.

This app was launched in 2019 in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Goa and Maharashtra in September 2019. After this it was also launched in Delhi. However, now this app has been launched across the country and with the help of this you can secure your mobile phone. You can download this application from the official website of CEIR or through Play Store. To use the app, people need the IMEI number of the phone. 

How CEIR works 

Actually, the CEIR app works on the IMEI database of the mobile. This platform works closely with mobile phone manufacturers and telecom operators. If someone’s phone is stolen or lost and the person reports it, then with the help of CEIR the phone is blocked so that no one else can use it. If a person wants to use the phone even after changing the SIM card, then he cannot do so. 

What to do if mobile is lost

If your mobile phone gets lost or stolen and you don’t think there is any possibility of getting it, then immediately report it to the police station. After this, again come to the official website of Central Equipment Identity Register and fill the form here. While filling the form, you will be asked for important information and a copy of the FIR. The IMEI number of the mobile phone is blocked within 24 hours of form submission. The special thing about the app is that if you find the phone, you can easily unblock the mobile phone.

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