Mozilla Firefox can cause cyber attack on you, government issued advisory

Mozilla Firefox Bug: Almost everyone who uses the Internet must know Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular web browser among the browsers used in India. A large number of people use it in India. If you are also one of those people, then be careful because the Government of India has issued an advisory regarding Mozilla Firefox, in which the government has advised users to be cautious.

What is CERT-In?

CERT-In is a national cyber agency whose full name is Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, which works under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. The government has made it the nodal agency to deal with threats related to cyber security.

What did the government say in the advisory?

At the beginning of September, CERT-In warned about the shortcomings in the Mozilla Firefox browser. In this browser, hackers can get permission to break the security system of the device. For this reason, now the government has said in its advisory that with the bugs found in the Mozilla Firefox browser, attackers can bypass security restrictions as well as perform service attacks on the target system by executing arbitrary code. To protect against these attacks, the government has advised users to update their Mozilla Firefox browser.

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