Mobile Speed ​​Index: India is better than ever in mobile speed index, know who is number one?

Mobile Speed ​​Index May 2022: India’s position in the Global Mobile Speed ​​Index is better than before. According to the report of Mobile and Broadband Speed ​​Index website Ookla, India’s average mobile speed in May 2022 was 14.28 mbps, which has put India at number 115 in terms of global speed test ranking. Whereas in April 2022, India’s average mobile speed was 14.19 mbps and India was sitting at number 113. It is clear that the downloading speed of May is 14.28 mbps in India and in April it was 14.19 mbps. With this little difference, India has come 2nd rank. 

India has to come one rank behind in average overall downloading speed. While India was ranked 76th in terms of average download speed in April, it has now slipped to 75th position in May. India has given better performance in fixed broadband average downloading speed. India’s average downloading speed in the month of April was 48.09 mbps, which increased to 47.86 mbps in May.

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India beat Pakistan

Pakistan is two ranks above India in mobile downloading speed. Pakistan’s ranking is 113th. Whereas India’s ranking is 115th. In May, where India went up 3 ranks in the ranking, Pakistan has suffered a loss of 9 places. India’s ranking is 75 in terms of broadband downloading speed with 47.89 mbps. While Pakistan is ranked 150th with 9.50 mbps.

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