Mivi Fort S100 Soundbar: How is Mivi’s 100W soundbar, will give you the fun of partying at home in your budget

Mivi Fort S100 Features: Soundbars are becoming increasingly popular in India with TVs. It has many benefits. If you feel like listening to loud music inside the house, then just increase the volume. Today we are going to tell you about the soundbar of MiVi brand, which will fulfill your needs, but will not be full on your pocket. Means the party will be properly arranged in less money.

This soundbar is Mivi Fort S100. With this soundbar, you can bring life to your old TV too. That too by spending less. This soundbar is of 100 watts and 2 subwoofers have been given in it. Its price is only Rs 4999. Let us know how this soundbar is for Rs 4999.

Sound Quality
I noticed a fairly balanced sound signature with the Fort S100. The highs and mids sounded great on the soundbar, whether it was the music you were listening to or the movie you were watching. However, the bass level could have been a bit better. Overall sound quality is good. You will not feel the lack of sound while playing it at home.

The cheap soundbars that come with do have connectivity issues, but there is no such problem with the mivi Fort S100. When I connected it to my phone, it connected very smoothly, apart from this, there was no problem even when connected to my laptop. It has excellent connectivity like HDMI ARC, USB, Bluetooth, AUX and Coaxial Inpulse. Overall connectivity is good.

Talking about the design, it looks as simple as other soundbars. Although its size is a bit big. This black rectangular body and white sides soundbar can go well with most TVs and entertainment systems, it will not feel awkward to keep with anyone. The Mivi branding might sound a bit loud to some, but that’s a personal preference.

Mivi Fort S100 soundbar You may find some things missing. As it does not have customizable sound. Although some preset sounds have been given in it like music, movie etc. There is also a button in the remote for all these sounds. This sound bar does not have the feature of retaining mode. Meaning if you turn it off and on, then it turns on only on Bluetooth mode. The S100 soundbar doesn’t even have an auto power off key. 

Should you buy this?
If you’re looking for a good soundbar that’s reliable with your connectivity features, then Mivi Fort S100 soundbar Might be a good option for you.

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