MG Gloster Anniversary: ​​Incomparable and at the forefront of offering the best features in the department

MG Gloster Anniversary: ​​ SUV has become the most sought after car segment in the country and it is well known that the popularity of this segment is increasing with each new product. The premium SUV segment gained popularity in India with the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavor. However, the MG Gloucester has also completed one year in the Indian market and has made its mark on the market. Below are the top 5 features in MG Gloucester.

ADAS: ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System. According to MG, it is an active set of safety equipment and helps the driver to avoid an accident or reduce the chances of an accident. So, according to MG, the Gloucester has become one of the safest SUVs in demand. The ADAS system features adaptive cruise control, hands-free automatic parking and more. It is the first premium SUV in India to be equipped with Level-1 autonomous driving technology. To summarize, these systems are only auxiliary and do not tone-drive vehicles.

Raw road capacity: Gloucester has a ladder-frame chassis. This keeps the vehicle high above the ground. It also has advanced cargo-carrying capacity. The car also has an electronic rear differential lock. This means that energy can be transferred to that other wheel, anywhere and anytime. For example, one of the rear wheels is stuck in the mud and the other wheel has no traction. In such cases a lot of mud is usually blown around. However, the second wheel in this vehicle gets the traction force and the vehicle moves forward.

Hands-free automatic parking: However, MG Gloucester has noticed a customer problem and has come up with an advanced feature. MG Gloucester’s sensors and cameras automatically monitor and park parallel or barred on demand. The driver only has to follow the instructions on the large color information display.

Adjustable Cruise Control: Cruise control is another hassle and this feature is especially useful for those who are just starting to drive on the highway. This maintains a certain speed of the car. To use the cruise control you have to set a desired speed limit and then the car does its job. This system stops working when you press the brake. As a result, the feature may not be as viable and useful on highways in India with many speedbreakers and unreliable traffic. However, Adaptive Cruise Control uses its radars and cameras to monitor further traffic and maintain a safe distance. On demand, the system automatically adjusts the speed of the cruise and the driver does not have to constantly perform this task. This engine produces 215 bhp of peak power and 480 Nm of torque. The eight-speed automatic transmission unit is a regular in this vehicle. Gloucester gives the driver a choice of up to seven modes. Sport and Echo are the required driving modes, while the driver can select Snow, Sand, Mud and Rock modes by turning the dial. This allows the vehicle to perform better in different terrains. Gloucester’s wedding depth is 550 mm. This means that the train is able to navigate through the water, and is also useful in rain-soaked Indian cities.

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