Martin Cooper, who made the first phone, himself got upset by this! This is the reason for the problem

Martin Cooper, who made the first phone, himself got upset by this!  This is the reason for the problem

Martin Cooper : The world’s first mobile was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper. Martin Cooper is currently 94 years old. Martin Cooper is known worldwide for his three-decade tenure at Motorola and for inventing and possessing the world’s first mobile phone. Recently, while giving an interview to the French publication and wire service agency France-Presse (AFP), Martin Cooper talked about several key points. He also told which phone he uses, and what he thinks about the modern day phone? Well what mobile device do you think the inventor of the mobile phone would have used? Let’s know in this news. 

Which smartphone does Martin use 

According to the report of AFP, Cooper is using the iPhone 14 series phone, the top model of the latest generation iPhone today. Martin Cooper reportedly gets his hands on Apple’s latest smartphone launch every year. Cooper is also using Apple Watch. Cooper uses his device to talk to acquaintances, check his email, watch videos on YouTube, and control his hearing aids.

The Life of Martin Cooper

Born in December 1928, Cooper joined Motorola in 1954 after engineering. He spent 29 years of his life in Motorola. It was here, in 1973, that he created the world’s first mobile phone, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. Today, mobile phones have come a long way.

What does Cooper think about today’s smartphone?

Cooper told AFP that he believed mobile devices "million apps" Being can be overwhelming. They said, "I will never understand how to use a cellphone. I will never be able to do the way my grandchildren use the phone." However, Martin feels that the latest smartphone and its features have a long way to go. They say that users of new smartphones "a bit obsessive" Are. They are using it in situations where they shouldn’t – like crossing the street. 

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