Japan: Do you have these 2 dangerous apps in your smartphone too, if yes, then uninstall immediately, otherwise millions of rupees will be wasted

Alert For Mobile App Users: Nowadays is the era of smartphones. The use of smartphones is no longer limited to just calling. From banks to shopping and net surfing to social media, everything operates from here. The dangers have also increased due to excessive use. In such a situation, a large number of users now use antivirus apps and junk cleaner apps to keep themselves secure. It is also right to think this for the safety of the users, but by taking advantage of this need of the thugs, they are getting cheated through this.

These are those two dangerous apps

According to the report, dangerous SharkBot malware has been found on Google Play Store in the form of antivirus apps and cleaner apps. This malware allegedly steals users’ banking data. It has been told that the two apps that are most at risk include Mister Phone Cleaner and Kylhavy Mobile Security app. Both these dangerous apps have been downloaded more than 60,000 times. 

Trips on the pretext of updating

According to Fox-IT of the NCC Group, the SharkBot malware has been reintroduced to target users in Spain, Australia, Poland, Germany, the US and Austria. These malware have just been found in both the apps mentioned above. These apps do not require accessibility permissions to automatically perform the installation of the Dropper Sharkbot malware. These apps make you blink on the mobile screen of fake update messages for antivirus apps. If you go to update by clicking on that link, then this malware comes in your phone.

how dangerous is this malware

Fox-IT’s Alberto Segura said, "We have found two such apps on Google Play Store in which SharkbotDopper is active. This malware can allegedly steal login keystrokes. Not only this, hackers can intercept the SMS present in your phone and fraudulently transfer funds using the Automated Transfer System (ATS). FOX-IT’s Threat Intelligence team discovered a new Sharkbot sample with version 2.25 on 22 August 2022."

A new feature has been introduced in the new Sharkbot version, which steals session cookies from victims who login to their bank accounts. Although you will not find these apps on Google right now, but if you find old ones or you are already using them, then remove them immediately. 

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