iPhone: Do not buy iPhone from these places even by mistake, otherwise it will cost thousands

iPhone Scam: If you are thinking of buying a new iPhone for yourself, then you need to know some things before this, otherwise you may get scammed. In such a situation, you will pay the full amount to buy the iPhone, but in return you can also be given a fake iPhone. In fact, a lot of fraud is being done in the market in the name of iPhone, in which people are given fake smartphones in the name of iPhone. It is known to people much later that the iPhone they are running is fake. If you are also going to buy iPhone, then here we are going to tell you about the places from where you should not buy iPhone.

Second Hand Market

If you are buying iPhone from the second hand market, then it may cost you to do so, because nowadays very few original products are given to the people in the second hand market. Mostly it has been seen that people are given fake products and they do not know anything about it. In such a situation, you should avoid buying iPhone from the second hand market

Other Country Market

If you have gone to any other country for travel or work and you like an iPhone there, then buy it after examining it thoroughly and testing it. Pay for this iPhone only if you have a person with you who has a good understanding of technology. In fact, many times such news has come to the fore that people buy iPhones abroad and they are not able to work properly in India or else the features are not provided in it according to the need. In such a situation, the opinion is given that you should avoid buying iPhone abroad.

Local Shop

If you want to buy Android phone then you can buy from local shop, but to buy iPhone you should always go to company store. Many such cases have been seen when in the local shop you are given a fake smartphone for the price of the iPhone or at a lower price, which is exactly the same as the iPhone. In such a situation, you will pay the amount, but the product you will get in your hand will be completely local.

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