iPhone 14 Satellite Feature: Even if there is no network, emergency calls will be made, this feature is amazing!

iPhone 14 Satellite feature: Apple has launched many of its new products on 7 September. These include iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to regular iPhone 14 etc. Along with this, Apple has also launched a special satellite feature in the iPhone 14 series. This feature is present in all the four newly launched phones. The special feature of this feature is that you can make emergency SOS messages through satellite. That is, even if there is no network in your iPhone, you can get help by making an emergency call or message. However, for this satellite feature, you will have to pay a separate charge to Apple.

Why would Apple charge for the Satellite feature
Apple said the satellite connectivity feature will connect iPhone 14 users to a responding satellite and use that connection to send SOS calls or texts. will be done for. Apple does not have a satellite of its own, so it will use the services of Globalstar.  

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