iOS 16 battery drain issues

iOS 16 battery drain issues: Apple has launched iOS 16 some time back. Although only a few iPhones have got its update. But the users who have got its update are facing a serious problem. When you upgrade to a newer iOS version, the backup is restored and photos/videos are something that take a long time to get downloaded completely. The iPhone works more in the background, so the battery drains faster. 

According to media reports, after the iOS 16 update  the battery life of iPhones has seen a significant drop. Many users are complaining about this on Twitter. Users are reporting that the battery is draining very fast, this decline is coming after downloading iOS 16 in iPhones. This problem is coming in iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 models of iPhone. Although some users claim that the battery drains faster even on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

There is also a new iOS 16 feature in the Photos app that links all duplicate photos in the photo library. With iOS 16, Apple has introduced a feature where the iPhone automatically processes the entire library to identify duplicate photos. If you have thousands of photos, this process takes a lot of time and therefore consumes a lot of battery. 

Update your apps 

After a software update, apps have to keep pace with all the new technology introduced with iOS 16 if you want to avoid this problem. Developers are updating their apps to support new features and technology in iOS 16. However, for users who have not updated the apps, their battery lasts longer. That’s why whenever you update apps, put the phone on charging.

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