Instagram Notes Feature: Instagram launched another great feature ‘Notes’, see its feature

Instagram Roll Out Notes Feature: Meta-owned messaging platform Instagram has launched a new feature called ‘Notes’. This feature allows users to make short notes. Notes created by users are visible to followers in the DM section like Instagram Stories. Notes disappear after 24 hours. The reactions that followers send will be visible to users as DMs.

Instagram’s Notes feature aims to bring out information in a new way. Currently, users can only post one note at a time and if they do so before 24 hours have passed since the previous note, the current note will be automatically deleted. Instagram’s notes limit is 60 characters. 
Instagram, meanwhile, is also reportedly working on developing a user protection feature that lets users add nude photos to their DMs. will save you from receiving.  

How to use Instagram Notes?

Here’s how to use Instagram’s Notes feature 

  • Update Instagram app to latest version 
  • Open Instagram app 
  • Now, go to DM section
  • Now, ‘Your note’ Tap on
  • Type whatever’s on your mind 
  • Choose who you want to share your note with or Followers you follow back or close Choose from Friends
  • Click Share

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