India’s first ‘quantum computing’ based telecom network link activated, Rs 10 lakh for hacking

What is Quantum Computing? On Monday, Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav launched India’s first quantum computing based telecom network link. This telecom network link has been started between Sanchar Bhavan and National Informatics Center. That is, communication will be done at both these places through this link. Quantum computing is a new type of technology which is currently being tested. If it is successful then it will bring a new dimension in telecommunication. The special thing is that the government is also offering a reward of 10 lakhs to the person who hacks this quantum computing based telecom network. That is, if a hacker finds a flaw in this technology, then the government will give him money. Every time a hacker finds a flaw in this link, he will be given a prize money of 10 lakhs. 

What is quantum computing?

After listening to quantum computing, you all would be interested to know its meaning. If we explain to you in very simple words, then quantum computer is inspired by the quantum law of physics. Such computers process things much more advanced and faster than normal computers. Information through a link based on quantum computing can be known only to the person who has the code of the link. If someone tries to break this code, then both the sender or the receiver come to know about this and the code is changed.

India-made AI chatbot coming soon

Actually, in this event, Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav was asked whether something like AI tool chatbot can come in India, then in response Ashwini Vaishnav said that wait for a few weeks, there will be a big announcement. Means AI chatbot made in India can be launched soon.

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