India among 5 countries in the world giving cheapest mobile data

Worldwide Mobile Data Ranking: While bids are being made for 5G spectrum, according to a recently released report, India has got 5th rank in the world in terms of mobile data cost. According to a report by, if we talk about the five cheapest mobile data countries in the world, Israel is at number one with an average price of 1GB data with $ 0.04, followed by Italy $ 0.12, San Marino $ 0.14, Fiji is at number five in the list of 2022 with $ 0.15 and India with $ 0.17. If we talk about the cost of data, then Israel is at the top position as well as Israel is also on the top in the world in terms of providing 5G service.

If compared with other countries, the prices of data have been kept low due to the large population of a country like India being heavily dependent on mobile data in the matter of internet. On the other hand, five such countries where mobile data is the most expensive in the world, where on an average one GB data, the consumer has to spend more than other countries of the world, if we talk about such countries, then St. Helena costs $ 41.06. It is ranked first in the world in terms of expensive data, followed by The Forkland Islands at $38.45, Sao Tom and Principe in third place with $29.49, Tokelo in fourth place with $17.88 and Yemen at $16.58. Ranked fifth in the list of countries with data. 

According to the report, a third of the top 20 cheapest mobile data providers around the world are in Asian countries, with India and Nepal making it to the top 10. Only three Asian countries with Japan at $3.85, British Indian Ocean Territory at $5 and South Korea at $1.55 offer the most expensive mobile data in the region. In February last, India’s main telecom company Reliance Jio gave the cheapest prepaid plan, which was priced at Re 1 and its time limit was 30 days, 100MB mobile data with a time of 30 days in the lowest recharge plan. Simultaneously, India’s state-run telecom operator MTNL was providing 90 days deadline for ₹47.

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