In case of online fraud or Bank Fraud, dial these 6 numbers immediately, you will get your money back

Bank Fraud: After the advent of online banking, many types of frauds have also started coming to the fore. To prevent all such frauds, it is very important for the customers to be aware. However, even after being aware, sometimes you are cheated, then you can get your money back by calling a complaint number. Not only this, calling this number means that immediate action will be initiated against the thieves.

Helpline number for online fraud

Local Police will gather information

This helpline is operated by Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center with the help of RBI, Payment Banks and other major banks. Not only this, as soon as the complaint is registered on this, immediate action is also started. Along with this information is also given to the police station. It is the responsibility of the local police to provide information about the fraud with you to the investigating agency.

The Ministry of Home Affairs keeps a direct eye on the matters:

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