IMC 2023: The wall of languages ​​will end, ‘Jio AI based development’ solution will do this work

IMC 2023: The wall of languages ​​will end, ‘Jio AI based development’ solution will do this work

IMC 2023 : Today is the last day of Indian Mobile Congress, it will start on 27th October at Bharat Mandam, Pragati Maidan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did it. Many other companies including Jio have set up their stalls in this event. Let us tell you that this time this event of Indian Mobile Congress is special because for the first time more than 400 startups have participated in it together. 

In this event of Indian Mobile Congress, Jio has also presented its AI based development solution, which was advocated by Mukesh Ambani about two months ago in Reliance’s AGM as ‘AI for Everyone’ Had advocated. Then no one had any idea that in just two months Jio would show a glimpse of indigenous AI technology. Jio’s AI technology based skill development solution can be seen in India Mobile Congress 2023.

It supports 9 languages ​​ 

Jio’s AI based skill development solution breaks down language barriers. Its biggest feature is that it can translate one language into many languages ​​in real time. If a teacher sitting in Delhi is teaching online in English, then students sitting in Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Mumbai will be able to listen to it in regional languages ​​i.e. Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati and Marathi. Currently this solution supports nine Indian languages ​​like Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, English and Hindi. 

AI technology based skill development solution has been created by Jio in partnership with Radisys. It is very easy to use this linguistic solution. Login to Jio-Redisys platform through Jio-Meet and select your preferred language. Once logged in, the student or trainee will start getting live translation i.e. audio and transcription of the video conferencing conversation. This translation and transcription can be printed or kept digitally for future needs. Content sharing facility is also available in Jio’s solution.

It also supports two-way interactive communication with translation. This means that students or trainees will not only be listening, they will also be able to ask questions in their regional languages ​​if they wish. If a student or trainee sitting in Mumbai asks a question in Marathi, then other students, teachers or trainers will be able to hear it in the language of their choice. With this, the learning and training experience can be made interactive and better.

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