Illegal Loan App: Are you also falling in the trap of Chinese loan app without taking loan? keep these things in mind

Instant Loan App: About two years ago, with the advent of the Corona era, there was an entry of a Chinese app in the name of instant loan in India. Due to the harassment of these illegal loan apps, many people gave their lives, while many gave them many times more money than the loan and went on getting trapped in the debt trap. When the strictness increased, their net decreased for a few days, but once again these Chinese loan apps have become active and this time they have returned in a more dangerous way than before.

what is the new way of cheating

Actually, the fraudsters first steal many numbers from different agencies. Then one by one, on these numbers, WhatsApp messages related to payment due are entered. In this, a link is given saying about payment due. You click the link out of curiosity and fall into the trap of swindlers. After this, the thugs first send a message to the victim for payment. After this, when they do not get money, they misbehave by calling relatives and friends. Still, if payment is not received, they make the photo obscene and make it viral.

Take care like this

If you want to avoid this type of fraud, then follow the tips given below.

  • First of all, it is better not to take money from this type of instant loan app. Try not to give any kind of response from them.
  • If you have not taken any loan then there is no need to fear, because these companies are not legal and they are fraud, so they against you  No law can take action. You should not be afraid of any action other than legal action.
  • In this type of fraud, the first thugs send a message to someone in a tukka, in which loan overdue There is talk and there is a link. People curiously click on the link given in the message to see which link is there. There they get caught in the trap of thugs. Actually, after clicking on the link, the  app which is installed, it loses access to all the contacts and media files present in your phone. Only after this the thugs start harassing you by calling your contact and taking your photo and morphing it and make it obscene.
  • It is better for you not to pay attention to any such message. . Try not to even read such messages. Even if you have read it, do not reply and inquire on it. Because by being involved in it, the miscreants get an idea that you can be blackmailed.
  • You have to ignore such messages. If you bear their torture for 2-3 days, then the process of blackmailing will automatically stop.

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