If you use public WIFI, then you must know these things, otherwise there will be loss.

If you use public WIFI, then you must know these things, otherwise there will be loss.
How to stay safe on Public WIFI: Today it has become very difficult for people to live without internet. Everyone has a smartphone today and internet pack is embedded in it. Many times when the mobile phone’s internet is working slow or there is a problem in the network, then people use Wi-Fi. Public WiFi facility is also available in metro cities like Delhi. Using public Wi-Fi in times of need can help us a lot. But sometimes it can be risky too. Today we are going to tell you some things that you should keep in mind while using public Wi-Fi. 

These things should be kept in mind because hackers can easily access your data or mobile phone through public Wi-Fi. Public WiFi is an open network that is accessible to everyone.

Disable automatic connections

The advantage of turning on the option of automatic Wi-Fi network is that whenever you are in an area where public Wi-Fi is present, you are immediately connected to that Wi-Fi and get good internet speed. able to enjoy. But on the other hand, its negative effect is that hackers can easily get your sensitive information because you are connected to public Wi-Fi.

Connect to trusted networks only

Always use trusted network while using public Wi-Fi because many times hackers save the name of their hotspot from free-wi-fi and then they steal people’s information through it.

Do not open banking sites

Whenever you use public WiFi, never enter personal information etc. on banking website or any other website, nor try to login. This is because hackers can easily access your data on open Wi-Fi.

disable sharing

Usually people share files and folders through Wi-Fi in offices. This helps in doing productive work. But if you do the same thing on public Wi-Fi, then it can prove to be dangerous. This is because files and folders shared over Wi-Fi can be seen by anyone who is connected to that Wi-Fi.

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