If the iPhone accidentally falls into the water, then Siri can take out all the water in a pinch, how?

If the iPhone accidentally falls into the water, then Siri can take out all the water in a pinch, how?

iPhone Water Eject Feature: In Android smartphones, customers get the support of Google Assistant, while Apple gives Siri voice assistant feature in its iPhone. With its help, people can do many things like calls, SMS, video calls etc. without touching the phone. Today we are going to tell you a special thing about Siri found in iPhone. Actually, you can remove the hacker on your iPhone using Siri. Sometimes the phone accidentally falls into the water. Although iPhones come with water resistance, but if you want to remove the water inside the phone, then you can do this work through Siri. Very few people will know about this. 

Which models can drain the water out?

To get the water out of the iPhone, the Water Eject Feature is used, which comes in all new operating systems from IOS 12 and onwards. That is, this feature comes in all the new iPhones and with the help of this, you can remove the entry into the phone.

What is water eject feature?

Actually, Apple has created the water eject feature so that when water enters the phone, with its help, the user can take out the water immediately and the speaker etc. does not get damaged. If water remains stored inside the phone, then it can cause many problems to the device. Now you must be wondering how this works, so now know about it. When you turn on the water eject feature, Siri automatically plays a specific tone that helps eject water from the entire device and speaker.

When the tone rings, vibration is created in the phone and with its help the water inside starts coming out. The water eject feature is available in those models of iPhone that come with stereo speakers and water resistance design. In simple language, you should understand that you will get this feature in all the latest models after iPhone 7. To use this feature, you have to download a shortcut and add it to the Shortcuts app. To download it, go to the shortcut gallery and download the feature from there.

Note, this feature is already available in the new iPhone. If you do not have it on your iPhone then you can download it. Also know that the water eject feature is not a foolproof method. If your phone goes into deep water and you feel that the damage is more than its condition, then immediately show it to a good professional so that the device does not suffer much damage. 

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