Identify Fake Website: Open website on phone? Data will be hacked, some tips to identify fake websites

Identify Fake Website: Many people open online shopping websites and some other web sites on smartphones. Many websites are fake. Hackers who create such fake websites can use that website to steal bank details and your personal data from your phone. Learn the tricks of identifying fake websites … & nbsp;

1. Check HTTPS & nbsp;
Check the address bar of any website when opening it. The website is safe if the address bar starts with & nbsp; https: //. https is an internet protocol. It encrypts all the instructions given by the user to the website. Therefore, the information given by the user to the website does not go to another server. & nbsp; If https: // is not written at the beginning of a web site and you open that website in a smartphone, & nbsp; your data may be stolen. & nbsp;

2.URL View
When opening any shopping website, banking website or & nbsp; informative website in mobile, look at the & nbsp; URL in the address bar. Hackers often create websites with the same name as the famous company’s website. So check the spelling of the website name in the URL & nbsp ;. & nbsp;

3. Read the information on the website & nbsp;
There are many errors in the content of fake websites. Fake website information contains spelling mistakes. So read the information provided in the website to identify the fake website.

4. Use Virus Total

Virus Total is a popular website. & Nbsp; Virus Total scans the URL of the website you are looking for to determine if the website is fake.

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