How safe is it to heat food in a microwave oven? Will repent after knowing

How safe is it to heat food in a microwave oven?  Will repent after knowing

Microwave Oven : Microwave oven has become an essential gadget for home and office. At home, children, young and old people eat food after heating it in the oven. Whereas in the office during lunch time, there is a long line near the microwave oven to heat the food and everyone enjoys the hot food.

Amidst all this, people often forget that in the microwave oven Heating food has bad effects on health. The radiation emanating from it not only destroys the nutrition present in the food, but also gifts you with many dangerous diseases. If you are also eating food after heating it in the microwave oven, then you should be careful.

How food gets heated in the microwave oven

Microwave Eating utensils are kept in them and food is kept in them. When you set the microwave, the electrical conductance stimulates the periodic electronic components present inside the microwave, which results in the microwave producing radiation.

Overall, the cooking that takes place in a microwave oven is Yes, it is completely due to radiation and due to continuous radiation, the food gets ready. You can set the temperature in a microwave oven and expose your food to radiation for a set amount of time.

  • Daily use of a microwave can have various effects on the body, but These effects are usually common and safe. Here are some important effects.
  • Nutrition loss: Microwaving food can cause loss of nutrition as it may lose some vitamins and minerals.
  • < li>Radiation: Uses microwaves to heat food by producing radiation. The amount of radiation in this food is not excessive and generally there is no effect on the food.

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