How does the special anti-spying feature of iPhone work?

How does the special anti-spying feature of iPhone work?

Apple Alert: If you also get a message from Apple about an attempt to hack your phone, then you should be alerted after this, because Apple sends this alert only when there is any threat to your privacy. Is. Apple sends alerts for both cyber attacks and state sponsored attacks. Let us tell you that recently many politicians of India have received an alert about a state sponsored attack, after which everyone has become alert. Let us know what you should do if you get a similar alert.

These attacks are very limited

Apple has always been known for its security features. The company has designed this phone in such a way that it detects any cyber attack in a moment and conveys its information to the users. At the same time, Apple claims that state-sponsored attacks are not like cyber attacks, because they are carried out on very limited users and their shelf life is also very short. Therefore, catching these attacks is a very difficult task. 

This alert is received in two ways

First users can know about this alert by signing in to In the second option, information is given by Apple by sending iMessage to the email and phone number associated with the Apple ID. If you also get such a message, then for security, you can activate lockdown mode by going to the iPhone’s settings and clicking on the Privacy and Security option. Apple says that sometimes this alert also reaches automatically. 

How to check whether alert is real or fake

Apple has claimed that threat notifications will never ask users to click on any links, open files, install apps or profiles, or provide their Apple ID password or verification code by email or phone. To verify that the Apple threat notification is genuine, sign in to If Apple has sent you a threat notification, it will be clearly visible at the top of the page after you sign in. 

What to do if you get an alert?

First of all, update your iPhone’s software.
Keep the iPhone’s passcode safe.
Use two-step verification and a strong password for Apple ID.
Anytime you want to install an app Use the App Store for. 

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