Hide WhatsApp Chats: How to Hide WhatsApp Chats? Know this easy way

WhatsApp Tips: A large number of Android and iPhone users use the WhatsApp messaging app. Hope you will also join such people. In such a situation, if you want to know whether you can hide your chats from the front interface of WhatsApp or not, then the answer is- Yes, you can hide your WhatsApp chats from its main interface. But, now you might want to know how to do this, how to hide WhatsApp chat. 

WhatsApp said, "We discovered that users want their archived messages to remain hidden in the archived chat folder when a new message arrives, rather than going back to the main chat list. The new archived chat settings mean that any message thread that has been archived will remain in the Archived Chats folder, even if a new message is sent to that thread.”

How to use this feature?
Open your WhatsApp.
Tap and hold the chat you want to archive.
Now you will see that the Archive button will appear at the top.
Tap on the button to archive the selected chat.
In this way you can archive all the chats. 
For this you have to tap on Chats.
Then click on More Options and go to Settings.
Now Chats> Chat History> Tap on Archive All Chats.

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