Have you also received emergency alert? Know why the government is testing it

Have you also received emergency alert?  Know why the government is testing it
Emergency alert Messsgae: Have you received a message with a long beep sound in your phone today? If yes, don’t worry. Actually, the Government of India is testing its emergency alert system. To test this system, a message is being sent which Android users had received a few days ago and now iPhone users are also getting this alert. This message has been sent with a loud beep sound which comes with Emergency Alert: Severe flash. This alert message is part of the Pan India Emergency Alert System developed by the National Disaster Management Authority.

What do you need to do?

If this emergency message has also come on your mobile phone, then you do not have to panic and ignore this message. Actually, the government is testing the emergency alert system, so it is being sent to pan India consumers. It is possible that many of you may not have received the message yet. People are getting this at different times. This alert message is being sent through the Cell Broadcasting System of the Department of Telecom. If you read this message carefully, you will see that it is written that this message is for testing and it is to be ignored.

Why is this message being sent?

If you are wondering why the government is sending this message so suddenly, then it is because The simple answer is that the government will use this broadcasting message service in times of emergency. For example, suppose there is a possibility of a strong storm or flood in your area, then in this situation the government will use its system and will alert you in time so that you can do whatever is possible to protect yourself. In a way, this emergency alert system will work just like the alert sent over the radio. Earlier warning message was sent on radio and now it is being sent on mobile because the use of smartphones has increased.

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