Hackers created a new virus, which keeps an eye on bank account like this! keep yourself safe

Hackers created a new virus, which keeps an eye on bank account like this!  keep yourself safe

Nexus Trojan: Cybercrime cases are increasing continuously. With time, hackers have also become advanced and are trapping people in their web in new ways. Meanwhile, news has come to the fore that hackers have created a new virus which is targeting people’s banking data. According to a report by Cybel Research Intelligence Lab (Cybel), hackers have developed a new banking trojan named Nexus that targets all devices up to Android 13. Through this virus, hackers want to steal people’s banking details and clear their hard earned money. Let me tell you, earlier in a report by Cleafy in January, it was said that a virus named Nexus has been seen on different hacking forums. Then it was in the developing stage that you have been fully prepared.

Actually, this virus takes over your account in a way and in this way hackers clear your money. It is also being said that this virus is related to the SOVA banking virus, about which the State Bank of India warned people last year.


Don’t let malware steal your valuable assets. Always download the trusted apps from reliable sources only. Stay alert and CyberSafety pic.twitter.com/NwAfUle36V

— State Bank of India (@TheOfficialSBI) September 22, 2022


How to keep yourself safe

– To protect your device from any malware, it is important that you always download apps from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.  That is, do not put any app etc. in the phone through any third party app. 
-Use antivirus and internet security software package on your device.
-All the passwords related to banking Make them strong and use biometric security on the device.
– Do not trust any unknown linked sms or email and stay away from it. 
-Before giving permission to any app Read the terms and condition and then accept it.

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