Google Play Store completes 10 years, read its 10-year journey here

Google Play Store: Google’s Google Play Store has completed ten years. Google introduced this ecosystem for the first time in 2012. Since then, it has made such a mark that now 2.5 billion people in 190 countries are using Google Play Store’s apps, games and digital content every month. On this occasion Google said, "The company will continue to invest in India for local opportunities and challenges so that we can continue to build good and relevant apps on the Google Play Store."

10 Years Journey of Google Play Store in India

  • 2021: In the year 2012, Google launched the Google Play Store globally. 
  • 2017: After this, in the year 2017, Google introduced Google Play Protect to protect the users. . 
  • 2018: In the year 2018, Google introduced Google Play Academy to enhance the e-learning platform. In the same year, Google also launched the indie Games Accelerator to support gaming startups.
  • 2019: In the year 2019, UPI was included in the Google Play Store to promote online payments.
  • 2020: Google Play Console was introduced in the year 2020 to increase the developer’s business.
  • 2021: Appscale Academy was introduced by Google in the year 2021-22 .
  • 2022: In the year 2022, Google has launched Play Pass and Offer in India. In the same year, Google has also launched the Data Safety section to protect the users and know the data consumption of the app

India leads in Play Store usage

Aditya Swamy, Director, Google India Play Partnership said, "About 20 lakh people have setup their business while working with us. We want each developer’s idea to reach people around the world. India is also at the forefront of the world in terms of downloading and using apps from Google Play Store. We are seeing that every day many people are getting jobs and global opportunities from our platform."

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