Google Meet: These great features of Google Meet can work for you, know immediately

Google Meet New Update: Google has announced that it is offering Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support for its video conferencing app Google Meet. Enabling this new feature picture-in-picture is quite easy. Users on a call in Google Meet by right-clicking during a conference "Open picture-in-picture" can choose the option. Doing so will immediately pop out the video call window without the need for secondary extension support.

Google first talked about this new feature in March. Although it took some time to bring it. These changes are going to be included in the recent update of the video calling service Google Meet. In addition, Google provides more features; Eg :- Automatically remove reverberations apart from background noise.

The host and cohost are now given three options when removing participants from the call

  • Simply remove the user from the call – With this option you can remove the user directly during the call.
  • Fill out an additional abuse report – With its help, you can report any user for hate speech or abusing.
  • And/or block the user from rejoining- Under this you can block the user.
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