Google: Google updated Android Auto, now you can do this work along with zoom calls from the car

Google: Google updated Android Auto, now you can do this work along with zoom calls from the car

Google Android Auto: Some time ago, Google had talked about upgrading the car’s infotainment system for safe driving. Which has been updated by Google and now Google has given this information through an official blog post, in which it has been told which features the new Android Auto is equipped with.

If you too are in your car. If you use Android infotainment system, then you must know about it. Because the fun of driving with the new Android Auto is going to change completely. That’s why here we have brought you complete information about Android Auto.

You can make zoom calls with Android Auto

Google has confirmed that video conferencing apps like WebEx by Cisco and Zoom are now available on Android Auto. Although it is limited to audio only, it is more than enough for users to take meetings while driving. Also, the company has integrated mute/unmute function with the car’s infotainment system for a seamless meeting experience. Now users will be able to seamlessly join scheduled meetings and conference calls from the car display.

Apps for entertainment will be available in Android Auto

Google has provided the facility of Prime Video in Android Auto for selective car companies, which you will be able to use in Renault, Polestar and Volvo cars through Google Play Store. Along with this, Google has introduced support of Vivaldi web browser for Android Auto. Apart from this, The Vedal Channel App will also be available in Android Auto.

You will be able to lock-unlock the car through your phone

Google has expanded Digital Keys support, in which you will now be able to lock, unlock and start your car from your smartphone. For this, users should have Android and iOS phones. Let us tell you that these features of the updated version of Google Auto will currently be available in select cars of Hyundai, Genesis and Kia in America, Canada and Korea. 

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