Google Chrome: Google Chrome will help students in studies, see these features

Google Chrome: Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. There are many features in the browser that can help the users to increase their productivity. Chrome has some features which can be useful for students especially while working on computer for attending online classes or doing their homework or finishing other study material. Here we have listed 5 ways that can be of great help to students during their studies.

Open accidentally closed tabs

Students do their research During this, they find a site that is of great use to them. But if this tab is closed by mistake, then press Control/Command + Shift + T to bring back the closed tab. You can also check your browser history to see all your recently visited sites.

Use the Chrome address bar to reply

Chrome’s address bar can do more than just open a website. Solve math problems, answer basic questions, or transfer all within the Chrome address bar. Chrome will show you the answer without even pressing enter.

Live Caption

Taking an online video lecture without headphones in a noisy environment can be a problem. Use Live Captions on Chrome to automatically generate real-time captions on media with audio. It works on various content like social and video sites, podcasts and embedded video players. This feature may also be particularly useful for people with disabilities as it can help them read as well as hear.

Use Chrome’s Tab Groups to Arrange Projects< /strong>

If you need to keep many tabs open while you study, and one you can’t keep track of, tab groups can help. Sort open tabs into groups by project, subject, or class.

Sync your settings across devices

Whether you’re on your phone or On a laptop, you can easily sync your bookmarks, passwords and other settings across devices. Simply link your Chrome to your Google Account on all your devices and the data will be synced automatically.

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