Google called these 2 apps harmful, people using Samsung phones must know the update

Google called these 2 apps harmful, people using Samsung phones must know the update

Google Play Protect is a security feature provided by the company in Android smartphones. With its help, Google checks harmful apps on Play Store. Recently, Google Play Protect warned Samsung users about two apps, saying that Messages and Wallet apps are stealing data from your mobile phone. According to a report by 9to5Google, a few days ago, some users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones started receiving warnings from Google’s security service, Google Play Protect, that Samsung Messages and Wallet apps are potentially harmful and that these apps collect personal data, such as SMS. Trying to spy on messages, photos, audio recordings or call history.

Reason given as server failure

Google Play Protect had blamed server failure for the problems with Samsung Messages and Wallet apps. However now, Google has now fixed this problem and Korean company Samsung has also confirmed that the problem has been resolved and users can use the apps normally without any worries. Let us tell you, both these applications are Samsung’s own apps and the company designs them keeping the safety of the customers in mind.

If you see warning then do these things

If you are still getting warnings from Google Play Protect regarding these two apps, then reset the Play Store once and also delete the cache of the app. 

Never disable Google Play Protect on Android smartphone because it keeps informing you about harmful apps from time to time. If any app is not good for your privacy then the company asks you to remove it. If you disable it, your privacy may be in danger. Apart from this, from time to time, keep instructing Google Play Protect to scan the apps so that you keep getting updated information.

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