Google Baba Ki Jai! After all, where does the answer to every question come from, know here

New Delhi. Whenever we want an answer to any question, the name of Google comes first in our mind. It is one of the most popular search engines in the world. From here you can get the answer of every question that arises in your mind. Whether it is a question of maths or science, to translate from English to Hindi or to see the launch of a new phone, everything is available from Google. But have you ever thought that from where does Google get the answer to your every question. After all, where do you get the answer to your every question within seconds.

Here we are telling you how Google search engine does its filtration process. Google Search follows its own algorithm and answers every question you have through the information available on its platform. There are three steps for this, whose information we are giving you here.

When someone types something in the search bar for the first time, it gets to know which page is present on the web. Because there is no central registry of webpages on the Internet, Google constantly adds them to its list. Google bots of web crawlers are used for this process. The web page is found through this crawler. To answer your question, Google crawls the pages and then adds the new page to the index.

When you get your search result, Google understands the data of the page. Google analyzes the content like videos, images, catalogs etc. embedded on the webpage. This process is called indexing. This information is then stored in the Google index, which creates a large database on the computer. Many things are taken care of in creating this database. It should not contain keywords and newness of the website, ie content copy-paste. Google’s system tracks all the information contained in the search index. If Google finds any duplicate content then it is rejected.

When the user searches for something, Google provides the top results. It takes into account information like language, location, device. Whose page rank is highest is also taken care of. In this way Google puts the answer of your every question in front of you in seconds.

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