Gmail Storage Full: This is how the space created when the Gmail storage is full, learn step by step

Gmail Storage Full Problem: There are many users of Gmail all over the world. Google provides the service of Gmail. We use Gmail both personally and professionally. Many people use their Gmail account to send any official mail. Google provides 15GB of free cloud storage space for its services, but you can free it up if your storage is full.

Create storage space in Gmail

  • Open the Gmail app on your smartphone
  • Tap on your profile icon, which appears in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You will now see a cloud icon. Along with this, this detail will be visible how much storage space your Gmail app is using. (You can find out more about which Google services take up the most storage space by tapping on the cloud icon. Google also shows a simple graph for you to easily understand the storage space used.)< /li>
  • After this you can access the Storage Manager Tool "clean up space" button.
  • Here, you get a "The Large Items section will appear, where you’ll see the option to view and delete large files to free up a lot of storage space at once.
  • You "large item" Tap on any box under the section.
  • Google will now show you all large files. You can check any of the results shown in the list by tapping on the profile icon.
  • Once you do, you can go back and select the files to delete them And delete them.

Another way to clear up Gmail storage space

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