Give your face a ‘right’ and get Rs 1.5 crore; Abolition offer from American robotics company

Mumbai: Who wouldn’t love to be a billionaire? Making so much money is not something that can be eaten. But you can become a billionaire in no time just by giving your face the right. Promobot, a US-based robotics company, has made the offer. Robots working in hotels, shopping malls and other public places need a human face, and the company will pay around Rs 1.5 crore for that. & Nbsp;

Promobot Has done. If such a face is found, the company will pay Rs 1.5 crore to that person. That person’s face will be used for the robot. The important thing is that this face will be permanently attached to the robot. The robot will be seen working in many malls, hotels and other large stores in the United States. If a robot had a human face, people would be attracted to it. So the company says that people who want to give their face to this robot or those who want to give their face rights should visit the company’s website and apply again. & Nbsp;

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