From recording WhatsApp calls to reading deleted messages, these 3 Android apps will make your experience great, see list

WhatsApp: People around the world use WhatsApp. It has more than one billion users. To improve the experience of its users, the instant messaging platform WhatsApp regularly brings new features. However, some third party apps work to make this experience more fun.  These include automatic messages, reading deleted messages, and more. Here we are telling you about 3 such third-party apps that can change the way you use WhatsApp. Let us know.


The WAMR app requires some initial setting, but once it’s up and running, you’ll never forget asking a friend, colleague or your boss if a message was deleted. This app allows you to read deleted messages.

WhatsAuto Reply

WhatsApp is used by many people to manage and promote their businesses. Now there are some who do not want customers to wait indefinitely for a reply when they are not available. WhatsAuto Reply is a popular stand-in that can reply to new text with a default text that lets customers know you’ll be back soon.

Cube ACR

You may sometimes need to record WhatsApp calls for entertainment or work related reasons. WhatsApp does not allow you to record calls. However, call recording apps can help you with this. Cube ACR in Android helps you to record calls not only in WhatsApp calls, but also in Zoom and some other apps.

Disclaimer: All the apps mentioned above are third-party applications. By using these, some security features of WhatsApp can be bypassed. Use them at your own risk. 

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