Facebook Update: Facebook’s new update gives you the freedom to share reels in the group, now entertainment will double

Facebook New Feature: Recently Meta has given a good update to Facebook. In which many new things are found for Facebook groups. The company has announced new features for Facebook Groups. The purpose of which is to allow users to better connect with their groups as well as easily share their content across Meta’s family of apps. We are going to share with you the information about the new updates of Facebook.

Sharing reels in groups

With this new update, users get the option to share reels and videos in groups. According to Facebook, this new feature will enable users to not only share information with the members of these groups through reels, but also to tell stories and connect with other members. Additionally, group admins and other members can also show creativity in their videos, such as audio, text overlays and filters, before sharing content on Facebook.

Make Instagram Story a Public Program

Along with the launch feature for Facebook groups, another feature has also been given. Using which, you can share Facebook event as Instagram story. This great feature allows other members of the group to access information about any public event on Facebook through Instagram Story. Facebook has written in a blog post, that even if you are a group admin, who is hosting a meet-up to celebrate a community event. Or members of a group are sharing their passion with friends. This feature helps you show your community more widely. Apart from this, Meta has started testing many new features for Facebook users.

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