Facebook: Facebook surprised, is closing this special feature from October 1, users will not be able to take advantage

Facebook Live Shopping: Facebook has announced the closure of this popular feature and users will not be able to use it from the coming October 1. Facebook has announced the closure of its Live Shopping feature from October 1 and a focus on short-form video platform Reels on its main app and Instagram. Note that users will still be able to use Facebook Live to telecast live events, but they cannot tag product playlists or products in their Facebook Live videos. 

What is Facebook’s Live Shopping Feature
Facebook’s Live Shopping feature allows creators to telecast about and sell products. The Live feature was first rolled out in Thailand in 2018.

What the company said while announcing the closure of the Live Shopping feature
The company said in a statement, "Since users love watching short-form videos, we are shifting our focus to reels on Facebook and Instagram." The company also said that if you want to reach and connect with people through video, try experimenting with reel and reel ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can also tag products in reels on Instagram. Facebook said that those who have a checkout shop and want to host a live shopping event on Instagram, they can do so. The company said that if you want to save an earlier live video, you can download your video on its page or in Creator Studio.

Meta’s focus now on Reels – generating more revenue
Meta crossed $1 billion annual revenue run rate from ads on its TikTok rival short-video making platform Reels And Reels now has a higher revenue run rate than Facebook/Instagram Stories in the same period after launch. Meta announced during its second quarter earnings call that people spend 30 percent more time on the reels.

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