Enjoy Live TV and OTT without internet, know when D2M technology will be released

Enjoy Live TV and OTT without internet, know when D2M technology will be released

Direct to mobile technology : Till now you used to need internet on smartphone to entertain on live TV and OTT platform, but in coming days you will be able to access all these platforms without internet . For this, the Government of India is soon going to release D2M i.e. Direct to Mobile Technology.

Let us tell you that the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, IIT Kanpur and Prasar Bharati are working together for this. Use of D2M technology will be useful for giving emergency warnings. Let us know what is D2M technology.

What is D2M technology?

D2M is a broadcast technology that can stream multimedia content to users’ smartphones even without an internet connection. Use of this technology will be helpful in emergency alert and disaster management. Let us tell you that in D2M technology, telecom operators can distribute live news and multimedia content without putting pressure on network bandwidth. In such a situation, users will no longer have to depend on internet data.
D2M Technology How it works?< /strong>

D2M technology works similar to listening to FM radio on a smartphone, where a receiver taps into a radio frequency. Also this is direct-to-home (DTH) broadcasting, in which a dish antenna receives broadcast signals directly from satellites and transmits them to a receiver, known as a set-top box. h3 style="text-align: justify;">Why isn’t it ready for rollout?

Published by IIT Kanpur in 2022 "D2M Broadcast 5G Broadband Convergence Roadmap for India" In the paper, it notes that currently available mobile devices do not support this technology. To implement this technology, advanced smartphone, low noise amplifier, baseband filter and receiver will be required. Work is being done to develop them.   

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