Elon Musk’s announcement, there will be only paid Twitter accounts on social media

Elon Musk’s announcement, there will be only paid Twitter accounts on social media

Twitter: Ever since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, this platform has been in constant discussion. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has attracted people’s attention by tweeting one more time. Actually, Musk wrote in a tweet that modern artificial intelligence tools can pass any test. With the help of AI, even a robot can be shown like a normal person. Musk said that due to paid verification, the cost of the bot increases by 10,000 percent, which makes it easier to locate the bot through phone and CC clustering. Along with this, Musk said that paid social media will be the only social media that matters.

A user commented on Elon Musk’s post and wrote that I have seen that one account has 1,30,000 followers in one day, then the next day it was only 90,000. That is, they keep getting more or less continuously. Is it caused by bots?  Another user wrote that we have already found a way for this and it is automatic.


Given that modern AI can solve any “prove you’re not a robot” tests, it’s now trivial to spin up 100k human-like bots for less than a penny per account.

Paid verification increases bot cost by ~10,000% & makes it much easier to identify bots by phone & CC clustering.


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 27, 2023


Here is the charge for Twitter Blue in India

For Twitter Blue in India, web users have to pay Rs 650 and iOS and Android users have to pay Rs 900 to the company every month. Twitter Blue’s service has now started globally. Compared to normal users, in Twitter Blue, users get many features like undo, edit, bookmark, priority in search, HD video upload, etc. Also, the facility of SMS based two factor authentication is also present in Twitter Blue which was snatched from the free user.

Recently this data was also revealed that after releasing Twitter Blue, the company has been able to earn only $ 11 million through mobile subscription in 3 months. Elon Musk is continuously making many changes on the platform and has so far laid off several thousand employees.

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