Elon Musk will integrate his company xAI with Twitter, will the app also be launched?

Elon Musk will integrate his company xAI with Twitter, will the app also be launched?

Grok: Elon Musk has shared this information through an X post that he will integrate his company xAI with X. That means X users will also get its benefits inside the app. However, the information is not yet available as to how this will benefit the common users and whether everyone will be able to take advantage of it or not. Musk said that they will also launch xAI as an app. Recently his company xAI has launched the Grok AI tool which is currently given only to X Premium Plus users. 

Musk’s company xAI aims to create an AI tool that helps people Help them understand their problem (any kind of query) and gain knowledge. Grok has been designed by the company to respond with intelligence and intelligence that tells people the truth. 

This is how it is different from Bard and ChatGPT

< p>xAI’s grok has access to Twitter’s data. That means, if you ask any query related to Twitter, this tool will also give you the answer. For example, suppose you want to know which tweet PM Modi has made. In response to this, this tool will immediately bring to you the latest tweet of PM Modi. This is not the case with any other chatbot. Also, in this you can easily understand every answer with humor.

The @xAI Grok AI assistant will be provided as part of 𝕏 Premium+, so I recommend signing up for that.

Just $16/month via web. https://t.co/wEEIZNjEkp

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 4, 2023

Cost of X Premium in India

The cost of X Premium in India is Rs 1,300 per month. If you take an annual subscription, you can save 12%. In X Premium you get access to everything and you can also earn money under the Creators Program.  

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