Elon Musk called this feature of X (Twitter) senseless, said it will be removed soon

Elon Musk called this feature of X (Twitter) senseless, said it will be removed soon

X Block Feature: Alan Musk is going to remove the block feature from X soon. According to Musk, this feature has no meaning on the platform. He has given this information in a Twitter post. In fact, a Tesla fan account known as Tesla Owners Silicon Valley asked the question, is there ever a reason to block or mute someone? Elon Musk replied to this post saying, “The block except DM is being removed as a “feature”. Means people can still use it for messages. 

By the way, the block feature of X increases the safety of people in a way. The block feature is quite different from the X’s mute feature. If someone blocks someone on X, then the person in front cannot connect with that user again by any means. But in the mute feature, the person in front remains a follower of the user and his post does not appear in the timeline. Here in the block feature, the person completely withdraws from that account and he comes to know that he has been blocked.

It makes no sense

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 18, 2023

The block feature is used a lot on X 

At present, users use the block feature a lot on X because people keep making wrong comments, posts, messages etc. on the platform. To stay away from bad thoughts, this feature is almost present in all the apps. If Musk removes it, users may get angry with him. Earlier, Musk has changed a decision at the behest of the users. Actually, Musk was planning to remove the light-mode option from the platform but users asked to keep it, after which Musk has decided to keep the light-mode as an option. By default the color of the app will be black but you will also have the option of light-mode. 

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