Download these apps today, now you will not have to make rounds of government offices

Government Apps: If you constantly have to make rounds of government offices to get government work done and despite doing this your work is not done, then do not worry. Now you can complete government works from your smartphone too. Actually today we are going to tell you about some government apps, using which you can easily complete government work sitting at home.  

MyGov App 

MyGov App is a very popular app which was started in the year 2014. With the help of this app, you can complete many of your government work. On this platform you can know about government schemes and their benefits etc. You can even give feedback and suggestions to the government. Let us tell you that this app helps in connecting Indians directly with the government. You can also download this app and get information, this app will be very useful for you. 


This app is best for doing government work related to Road Transport and Vehicle Department. From getting driving license, vehicle registration date, registration authority, vehicle age, vehicle class, insurance validity, fitness validity etc., you can complete the tasks using this app. This app is very useful. At the same time, after downloading it, you will not even have to make rounds of government offices. 

mPassport Seva 

If you want to get a passport or want to know or take advantage of other services related to it, then mPassport app can be of great use to you. With its help, you can apply for passport online, as well as take advantage of many other services. This app can be very useful for you. You can easily complete your important government work using this app.

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