Don’t Forget To Check Out The Cheapest Deals On This iPhone And Accessories In Amazon Sale

iPhone Deal On Amazon: Offer is going on on iPhone XR, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 in Amazon Mansool Sale. Along with this, discounts are also available on iPhone cover, Apple Watch charger and other accessories. In this sale, there is a 10% discount or cashback of up to Rs 1250 on ICICI Bank card payment and an exchange bonus of more than Rs 9 thousand. Know about the best 5 deals of this sale

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1-Apple iPhone XR (128GB) – (Product) Coral 

Amazon Deal On Apple iPhone XR (128GB) – (Product) Coral 

2-Apple iPhone 12 (64GB) – Blue 

Amazon Deal On Apple iPhone 12 (64GB) – Blue

3-Apple iPhone 13 (128GB) – Pink
This model of iPhone 13 is priced at Rs 79,900 but is getting Rs 71,990 in the offer. There is also an exchange bonus of up to Rs. 11,050 after 10% off on this phone. There is also a no cost EMI option on this phone in which you can pay the price in installments every month without paying interest.

Amazon Deal On Apple iPhone 13 (128GB) – Pink

4-Apple Clear Case with Magsafe (for iPhone 12, 12 Pro)

You can buy this clear case for iPhone 12 which is priced at Rs.4,900 but gets 20% off the deal. There is a discount of Rs. 3,920 after which you can buy it. This will work for both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 can be charged with a wireless charger even by keeping this transparent cover made of polycarbonate material. In fact, it has magnets that allow the proper Magsafe charger to be fitted on it and charge the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro without removing the cover.

Amazon Deal On Apple Clear Case with Magsafe (for iPhone 12, 12 Pro)

5-Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock 

This charging dock is available for charging Apple Watch at 10% discount. Its price is Rs.6,500 but you can buy it in the offer for Rs.5,850. You can also charge by keeping the watch flat or in the round on this charging dock. When the charging mode is on, it goes into night mode and if you want, you can set an alarm in it. It works with all Apple Watches and can be charged with Apple’s USB cable or power adapter

Amazon Deal On Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

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