Do hair straighteners damage hair? If yes… then how to rescue?

Do hair straighteners damage hair?  If yes… then how to rescue?

Pressing Machine : Pressing machine is also known as hot comb or straightener. It straightens hair using heat. It is specially used to straighten and smooth the curly hair. In this, smooth plates are given on both sides, which straighten the hair with heat. However, if the pressing machine is not used properly, it can damage the hair a lot. The heat from the pressing machine can damage the hair’s outer layer, which acts to protect the hair from damage.

Repeated use of pressing machines can weaken the hair’s outer layer, which can lead to hair breakage, split ends and complete hair loss. As such, it is important to follow proper technique and use the device correctly to reduce the risk of hair damage when using a pressing machine. Here we have given some important tips to do so. 

Choose the Right Temperature

Most pressing machines have adjustable temperature settings. As such, set the right temperature for your hair type to avoid damage. For finer hair, generally use a lower temperature.

Use of heat protectant

Before using the pressing machine, apply heat protectant to the hair. This can help reduce the damage. 

Don’t press too hard

Pressing too hard or stopping the pressing machine at one place for too long can damage the hair. In this case, try to move the tool evenly through the hair using gentle pressure. 

Conditioning Treatment

Conditioning treatments can help strengthen hair and protect it from heat damage. Look for products that contain ingredients like keratin or argan oil.

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