Cyber ​​Security: By adopting these methods, you can secure your data

Cyber ​​Security Tips: It is the age of digital. In such a situation, all the important information is present in the phone, computer or laptop. Phone or laptop has become an important part of our life. Without all these we cannot even imagine life. Now in such a situation, the data available online can also become a threat to you due to a slight mistake. So that you do not get into any kind of trouble, we are here to tell you how you can secure your data.

Follow these methods for data protection

  • Enter your 15 digit IMEI number in your mobile device for data protection. This number will come in handy to lodge a complaint with the police in case of mobile phone theft/lost.
  • Use AutoLock. It will auto lock the phone when you are not using the phone.
  • Use keypad lock with passcode/security pattern.
  • To lock your SIM card Use a PIN for the device, so that the SIM cannot be misused if the device is stolen.
  • Take care of your mobile. Do not leave your mobile anywhere just like that. If you are not using the application (camera, audio/video player) and connection (Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi), turn them off.
  • Regularly access your data Back up from You can take this backup in Google Drive, Photos etc.
  • We should not accept cookies of all types of websites. With the help of cookies, all your important information goes to those websites. Later the website can also misuse it. Remember, you only accept cookies from trusted websites and if possible, decline cookies.

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