Cyber ​​Crime: Do not search for such things on Google, otherwise you may have to pay a heavy price

Do not Search Customer Care Number on Google: Google has become the most important part of everyone’s life today. We take the help of Google for information from studies to the bases of fun. Google brings all the information in front of us. If we want to search anything on the Internet, then we use Google only.

Our dependence on Google for information about anything. Google always helps us in this too. Taking advantage of this, fraudsters are now cheating people. In such a situation, many people are finding it expensive to get some information from Google. Let us explain in detail what is the matter.

Thugs taking advantage of this habit

Google’s numbers are not correct

If you also search on Google to complain about the problem related to any company, then change this habit immediately. Actually, such numbers given on Google are not correct. Cybercriminals register their number on Google instead of the number of any company with a technique. At the same time, you fall into the trap of mistaking it as the customer care number of the company.

This is how the game of changing numbers happens 

Scammers edit the numbers of any company very easily on Google and enter their number. Let’s know how thugs do this game.

  • To make such a mistake, the thugs first search the said company on Google.
  • As soon as they click on the search, many details come in front of them on the web page. On the right side the address of the said company is visible along with the map. Many more options come as soon as you click on it.
  • Thugs edit the phone number of that shop, company or office by clicking on the option of Suggest an Edit here. Anyone can edit it. If you also want, you can update the number by following this process. Here the thugs enter their phone number while editing the number. In the name of solving your problem, gather some necessary information and then cheat.

You should keep these things in mind

Above you learned about the method of such fraud. Now we are going to tell you what you should do to avoid this kind of fraud.

  • First of all tie the knot that never search any number from google for anything.
  • Now the question arises that do not take number from google and we should not number. If you know from where to get the customer care number. You have to give some time for this. If you want the customer care number of a company, then first look right on the packet of its product. Most companies write their customer care number on the packet.
  • If the number is not found on the packet or product, then open the website of that company. By visiting the website, you will find the number of that company in the Contact Us section. On many websites, the customer care number is written directly.
  • If there is no customer care number on the website then there is no need to worry. Many companies listen to complaints by email instead of number. You will get the required email id on the website. If you have a complaint related to banking and looking for the customer care number of that bank, then carefully check the debit card or passbook of that bank. You will also see the customer care number on the passbook and debit card.
  • After calling the customer care number, if the executive sends a link asking you to click on it, do not do so, never call the executive on the phone Don’t even tell any OTP.
  • If you want to avoid the hassle of phone and email too, then nowadays Twitter is an important platform for redressal of complaints on social media. At present, most of the big companies, banks and other institutions are present on Twitter. You can also contact them through Twitter and register your complaint.
  • While complaining on Twitter, keep in mind that never make your personal information public while tweeting. You tell your problem.
  • After this, the company will ask you to give some important information on direct message only through tweet. Share any information there only through direct message."text-align: justify;">Read also

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