Contacts can now be transferred from iPhone to any Android Smartphone, follow these 3 methods

Android To iPhone Contacts Transfer: With the growth of technology, the value of smartphones in the market has also increased. Earlier people used to give importance to iPhone only and never used to buy Android smartphone over iPhone. But today there has been a lot of growth in Android smartphones and users have started liking Android more and its specifications. This is how people are upgrading their iPhones to Android.

Now it comes to the data and contacts present in the iPhone, which was not easy to transfer or due to some error, the data and contacts were deleted. But now it is not so, this problem can be avoided by some easy ways. That is to say, when you change your iPhone to Android smartphone, then you have to face the most problem in transferring data and contacts. To make your problem easier, we have brought this article for you, in which all the steps to transfer data have been mentioned.

Transfer Contacts from Google Account

This is the easiest and most popular way to share contacts on other devices. To transfer your contacts to other devices with the help of Google Account, all your contacts need to be synced with Google Account. If you haven’t already connected your contacts, please do so. Now after the contacts are synced with Google, open the Settings tab of your iPhone and select ‘Mail’ from the menu. Select. Now sign in to this Google account on your Android phone with the same Gmail account. Doing so will automatically transfer all the synced contacts from Gmail Accounts.

Transfer Contacts from Google Drive

For this download Google Drive on your iPhone and log in with Google account. This account should be the one you want to use on your Android phone. Now click on the three rows at the top and select Settings from the menu. Now take your backup. Now take the back screen and ‘Start Backup’. Chose. Here you can also back up your Calendar Events and Pictures. Once the backup is complete, open the same Google account in your Android phone, now transfer all the contacts.

Transfer Contacts by VCF or vCard

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