ColorOS 11 Review: Operating System is more secure and useful;  Know about its special features?

ColorOS 11 Review: Operating System is more secure and useful; Know about its special features?

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Smartphone company Oppo has launched its new colorOS 11. Recently, Oppo has made the latest Android 11 available for its smartphone users with its ColorOS 11. Let us know that the company has introduced ColorOS 11 with the “Make Life Flow” concept. The company has updated the latest Color OS11 in many devices including Find X2. The company claims that the new Color OS11 is better and more useful than the old Color OS 7.2 operating system. So let’s know in detail what ColorOS-11 is and how it works.

Read the review of ColorOS-11-

  • Three-finger translation ColorOS 11 is equipped with many features that make your productivity great. There is also support for Google Lens, which is now equipped with three-finger translation. This is the first type of feature in this phone of Oppo. With the help of this feature you can copy and translate the text in the screenshot taken with a three-finger gesture.
  • NEAR BYE SHARE- In this, short is given for instant sharing and editing of photos. This means that now the photo editing phone will not have to install another app. Also, with the help of ColorOS11’s Near Buy feature, you will be able to easily transfer files. Also, the option of permission is being given for the security of the photo, which is quite amazing.
  • Flex drop- It is a multi-tasking feature that allows users to watch videos and text at the same time. This feature is a gift for gamers and video watchers. After the new update, the user can switch and control between different smart home devices through the new device control menu without having to download any application.
  • How is the battery The new super power saving mode has been used to keep the battery running longer. In the new update, users get the option to choose six apps in case of low battery. In this, when the phone’s battery is low, all the apps are turned off by turning on some essential apps. This increases battery life. Currently, 6 apps can be put in special saving mode.
  • Better Security Coloros 11 is equipped with additional security. It includes all the security and privacy features of Android 11. In the new update, users will get a chance to create a private system, in which the second version of the app and data remains original safe and can be opened only through a separate fingerprint scan or password.
  • This special feature of notification – ColorOS 11 has a low battery notification feature that sends notifications about the phone battery of users to their friends and family. In such a situation, people close to you get a notification that the battery of your phone is lowered. This feature is currently for Indian users only. The update to COLORS OS 11 will begin with the Find X2 Series and the Reno3 Series, although more than 28 models from the Find, Reno, F, K and A Series will also get its update.

These drawbacks are also-

Despite all the good features in ColorOS-11, there were one or two drawbacks. However, the company said that working on it will be rectified soon. These are the drawbacks – it can automatically relaunch launching apps in the background. Also, its new dark theme does not apply to all screens such as Do Not Disturb and Notification History page. It does not follow the new dark gray and light gray style.

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