ChatGPT creates history in AI world by achieving more than 100 million traffic

ChatGPT creates history in AI world by achieving more than 100 million traffic

ChatGPT: In the month of November last year, Open AI made Chat GPT live. In just 1 week, this chatbot did what big giants could not do. Since then till now it has remained in the headlines continuously. Meanwhile, OpenAI’s chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ crossed the 100 million user base mark in January. Chat GBT is the first tool in the AI ​​world to cross the 100 million mark in such a short span of time.

According to a report by UBS, which is based on Similarweb, Chat GPT received 13 million unique visitors every day in January, which was twice as many as in December. It was told in the study of UBS that this is the first such is the consumer application that has gained such a huge user base in the fastest time in two decades. According to data from Sensor Tower, it took Tiktok about 9 months to hit 100 million traffic while Instagram took one and a half to two years to reach here.

Open AI’s chatbot can easily do articles, essays, jokes and even poetry for you. Open AI is a private company that is supported by Microsoft. Microsoft aims to give tough competition to Google’s search business through chatbots.

Chat GPT paid plan launched

 Looking at the popularity, Open AI has launched a paid plan of ‘Chat GPT’. The company has made ‘Chat GPT Plus Subscription’ live for people, for which they will have to pay $ 20 every month. This chatbot will provide better service, updates and accurate answers to paid members as compared to common users.

This is a big problem for Google

Open AI’s chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ has become a problem for Google. This is because this chatbot can answer any of your questions better than Google. Where Google shows you many links on searching anything. Whereas, Chat GPT does not do this. It gives accurate answers to questions in less words. Many experts believe that in the coming 1 to 2 years Chat GPT will end Google’s search business. Chat GPT Google is so upset that the company has declared it a red alert for itself.

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