Charger Facts: Why are smartphone chargers only of these two colors, know the reason behind it

Smartphone Charger Color Fact: You must have noticed that whatever company’s smartphone you use, its charger is white or black, regardless of its size. There are many smartphone companies in the Indian market, the chargers of all of them can be of different size, weight or capacity, but still they have one thing in common and that is their color. You must have noticed this thing too, but you might not have tried to know what is the reason behind it. If you think that there is no reason behind this, then let us tell you that you think absolutely wrong, because for a special reason, companies make smartphone chargers only in black and white colors. Let us tell you the reason behind this, why it happens that the charger you use is only white or black in color.

Earlier this color used to be charger 

Why are chargers white now?

You must have seen that all the smartphones that are coming in India now, the color of the charger is white. Let us now know the reason behind this. White color works both, white color is not only helpful in reducing heat, as well as it is easily visible at night. That is why now most of the smartphone companies have started giving white colored chargers with their smartphones. Now you have come to know that why companies do this, many people think that companies do this in order to save their money, but in reality the company does this to save your money, not its own.

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