Character limit on Twitter: The limit of words will soon increase on Twitter, now you will be able to tweet big

Twitter 2.0: This news is no less than good news for those who feel short of words while tweeting on Twitter, that there are signs of increasing the character limit on Twitter soon. After which the users will be able to explain their point further. Currently, you can keep your point on Twitter only in 240 characters.

A user gave advice

Actually, while tagging Elon Musk on Twitter, a user named @RAWSALERTS wrote giving advice, ‘The character limit should be increased from 280 to 420 in Twitter 2.0, so that there is no problem. While replying to this tweet, Elon Musk replied by writing ‘Good Idea’. After which it is expected that this change can be seen on Twitter soon. Although initially only 140 characters could be tweeted on Twitter, which was increased to 280 in 2018.

Twitter Changes

Long-Form Text Feature

Elon Musk has also announced the launch of long-form text on Twitter soon. For this, Elon Musk tweeted and asked to add a new feature to attach long text. Also, after some time, creator monetization will also be given for all types of content on Twitter.

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